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The Secret Power of Travel Photos: Boosting Your Attraction and Marketing Potential

Updated: Apr 10

Have you ever wondered why some social media profiles seem to attract more attention than others? What if a mere change in your profile picture could double your chances in the dating game, and, interestingly, offer a brilliant marketing opportunity? Here's a dive into a fascinating correlation between travel photos and our appeal, along with the ingenious marketing strategies that have capitalized on this phenomenon.

The Allure of Travel Photos

In 2017, a study revealed a remarkable finding. If your social media profile is adorned with travel snaps, you're likely to attract 64% more men and an astounding 72% more women. Imagine this: a profile picture with the Eiffel Tower in the background can significantly amplify your chances on platforms like Tinder. But why am I, a marketer, talking about dating and attraction?

The Beauty of Marketing: Inspiration from Everywhere

In marketing, we often derive inspiration from the most unexpected places. Delta Airlines, for instance, harnessed the power of the aforementioned insight in one of their promotional campaigns. They painted an outdoor wall in New York with iconic landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, London phone booth, Dutch Tulips, and more. A simple yet catchy line accompanied this mural: "Travel pics can get you more dates or right swipe on Tinder". This became a hotspot for singles (and even families) to snap a photo for their Tinder and social media profiles. The result? Massive media attention for Delta Airlines, making it an exemplary case of guerrilla marketing: spend less, achieve more. Breaking Down the Numbers The cost of painting this captivating wall? Approximately $100,000. The media impressions garnered from this campaign? A whopping 20 million dollars. Not a bad ROI! Three Marketing Lessons to Learn:

  1. Know Your Audience: Delta Airlines recognized their target customers – those who love international travel.

  2. Engage Your Audience: If you can make your audience an active participant in your marketing campaign, you've struck gold. I've previously discussed the Kinesthetic approach in a video, elaborating on how involving different senses can offer an unparalleled experience to consumers.

  3. Integrate with Trends: It's crucial to catch the trajectory movement of trends at the right time. Stay vigilant and adapt!

Thank you for joining me on this exploration of the intersection between travel, attraction, and marketing. Until next time, this is Nishant Tomar signing off. See you in the next post!

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