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Facebook Marketing VS Google Marketing - WHIch one to choose for business growth?

We all are confused about using Facebook Marketing VS Google Marketing.

Which of them will be the correct choice for the business?

Should we just stick to Facebook Marketing VS Google Marketing?

Can we use both Meta Marketing and Google Marketing for our Campaign?

The answer is in this video.

In this video, we will understand PUSH & PULL Marketing and how it depends on the product that has to be sold.

For example - If you have a product/service that is new to the customers, then you have to PUSH the product in front of them so that it can be seen. (You can Join META Workshop to learn more about this) Or If you are a company/brand that is known among the customers and wants to sell your new product then you have to pull them back so that they can focus only on your product and takes action.

Now, what does it have to do with Meta Marketing VS Google Marketing?

Both Meta and Google have different Algorithms, Reach, and Mechanisms. So, it is really important to understand which one of them you should use. Meta Marketing is a better option for PUSH Marketing to broadcast your product to more customers.

Whereas Google Marketing is great for PULL Marketing where people who are searching for specific products/services will be recommended your website first and reach more audience as compared to others. You can use both Meta and Google Marketing too.

For example - You have launched a new store for phones. You can run a marketing campaign for the store on Meta to aware people of the new store in their area with amazing offers and facilities. At the same time, you can also Google Marketing to stay at the top whenever someone searches for a phone shop in that particular area.

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