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How to Connect A Brand with Customers

You have a got great product Amazing! But so do hundreds of others. For every company, their product is the best in the market. But what makes your product different from others is how you stage it in front of the audience. In other words how you advertise your product in the market.

A great advertisement can make wonders for your product. Advertising is indeed a tricky task. From a plain sheet of paper to getting in front of the viewers it goes through many processes. But what makes it different is what advertising strategy you use to showcase your product.

Let’s take the advertisement for PRESTIGE PRESSURE COOKER for example. One of the best advertising strategies “THE EMOTIONAL MARKETING” was used to differentiate Prestige from other pressure cookers.

The best way to Market your Product is by tapping into your customer's commitment to their relationships involving their loved ones and associating that commitment with your product.

And if you can Add Humor into it without embarrassing the customer, Bang On. You got the campaigns that will be remembered for a long time.

Let's cut this Ad open; the tagline, "Jo kare biwi se pyar, wo prestige se kaise kare inkar" (If you love your wife, how can you say no to Prestige?) plays on all Husband's emotions to showcase love and respect for his wife. But, more than that it plays on women's emotions to put pressure on their husbands to show their love towards her.

The Use of Humor:

The use of humor in this advertisement is a distinguishing feature. Humor is a powerful weapon in advertising because of its capacity to grab the audience's attention and leave a lasting impression. To avoid embarrassing or offending the target audience, it is essential to achieve a balance between humor and respect. This specific advertisement succeeds in striking this difficult balance, creating an interesting and memorable campaign.

Let's look at a few examples from other brands to better understand the influence of Emotional Advertising:

1) Johnson's Baby - "A Mother's Touch"

As we all know, a mother's love for her children is one of the strongest emotions out there. Brands recognize this and often use it to their advantage in their advertising campaigns. Johnson's Baby understands that mothers want the best for their babies, so they created the "A Mother's Touch" campaign. The ad shows a mother holding her baby close and using Johnson's Baby products, highlighting the message that a mother's touch is always the best, but their products come a close second.

2) Titan Watch Ad on Raksha Bandhan Raksha Bandhan is the time to reaffirm your bonds of love. This Ad shows a brother's incompetency to show proper care and love for her sister, but through Titan's Watch, he is re-establishing the fact that he still loves and respects her sister even if he is away for a long time.

3 ) Dabur Vatika

The Brave and Beautiful Campaign by Dabur Vatika empowers female cancer sufferers. The journey of a bald woman from self-doubt to empowerment is highlighted, and her husband's action provides support. As she walks into the workplace and defies expectations, the ad's motivational plot develops.

4) Birla Sun Life Insurance

In only three minutes, the moving commercial "Khud ko kar buland itna" brilliantly portrays the tale of a father and his autistic kid. Despite the father's grief, his son's autism, and the loss of his work Birla Sun Life Insurance's ad ends with beautiful moments of love and laughter which shows the effectiveness of subtle emotional marketing.

The list of examples can go on but the point is that agitating the emotions to connect your brand with the audience can work as a great strategy to promote and increase your sales. Advertising that appeals to viewers' emotions can make a lasting impression on their hearts and brains. This eventually helps brands to develop ads that are memorable by successfully utilizing humor and the emotions connected to relationships.


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