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Do you want to have the perfect copywriting strategies for your Brand?

Do you want to have the perfect copywriting strategies for your brand?


"A perfect copy can bridge the gap between a brand and its target audience."


Use these 5 Proven Frameworks:

As each product or service has its unique value it is important to understand which framework will work best.

=> The PAS framework can be used by telling a problem and agitating it at a point only your product or service can solve. You should use it to increase brand awareness.

=> The AIDA framework is used when you want to make a campaign for your product/services. This is a marketing strategy to increase conversions.

=> BAB is a framework that is frequently used in email marketing campaigns. It involves identifying a problem or pain point that your audience or customer is currently experiencing and then putting the audience's problem (in the "before" section), the problem's solution (in the "after" section), and your product or service (in the "bridge" section) to address it.

=> The FAB formula is a fantastic way to draw attention to the benefits of your good or service and make your copy more appealing to potential clients. It helps to understand why someone should buy your product or service.

=> Finally the 4P's Framework. It is just like the AIDA framework and is totally different from the 4Ps of marketing. Along with copywriting, this framework works great with audio and video as well. You can use the 4Ps when you want to make your customers visualize the situation and understand why it has to be your product which is their last and only option.

Learn more about these strategies in "The Last book of Branding"


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