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META Workshop - Be your own Marketing Agency

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"Be your own Marketing Agency" is a 3 Days Workshop + 10 Live QnA 1 Hour Sessions to give make you top of the Marketer. As I always say, "It's not about the Tool you know; it's about the Marketing Psychology you use to get the desired results". So, The workshop is 75% Marketing Psychology & 25% META Dashboard to run Facebook or Instagram Tools. Here is the snippet of Content you will be going through. About Mentor Why META? Marketing Approach Understanding of CAAFE Structure 7 Ways of Writing Effective AD Copies 5 Proven Ad Framework Ads Structuring & Budgeting Best Practises of Successful Campaign Bonus + 10 QnA Live Sessions on Zoom, where I will be discussing your campaigns. + "The Last Book of Branding" - Along with Paid Marketing, Organic Growth is equally important to bring down the cost of getting new clients or nurturing prospects.


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